The global award in photography and sustainability

The Prix Pictet

The Prix Pictet aims to uncover photographs that communicate important messages about global environmental and social issues within the broad theme of sustainability. Each cycle has a specific theme. The nine cycles to date are Water, Earth, Growth, Power, ConsumptionDisorderSpace, Hope and Fire.

Entry is by nomination. The nominators for the Prix Pictet are a group of leading experts – critics, curators, journalists and gallerists – who each propose between two and five photographers for consideration by the independent Jury.

Photographers who have not been nominated, but wish to submit their work for consideration are invited to contact the Prix Pictet Secretariat.

All submissions are made online in a private artists’ zone on the website.

The Jury looks for work, arranged in a coherent series, that fits the theme of the particular cycle, with a high artistic quality and considerable narrative power. Once the submission process has been completed, the independent jury are responsible for drawing up a Shortlist and selecting a winner.

No preference is given to any particular kind of photographic material, technique or creative route, nor are any of these excluded from consideration. An artist using photographs, for example, is judged by precisely the same criteria as a photojournalist or a commercial photographer, or a professional in another field for whom photography may be no more than one of many tools.

In arriving at their final decision on the award, the judges make no distinction between photographs of different genres, nor do they assume different potential types of audience for any class of photograph.