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About Disorder

The theme of the sixth cycle of the Prix Pictet photography prize is Disorder.

The work of the twelve finalists selected for the sixth cycle was first shown at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris in November 2015, Here the French photographer Valérie Belin was awarded the CHF 100,000 winner’s prize by Honorary President Kofi Annan. The exhibition is now touring internationally.

Stephen Barber, Chairman, Prix Pictet, commenting on the theme of Disorder, says: “In the energy exchange of life on Earth, the natural world maintains a delicate balance between order and disorder. We ought to be more conscious of how our own actions upset this balance.”

In his introduction to the book, Disorder, Kofi Annan writes, “The natural order of things is being overturned. Everywhere we find signs of the threat that humanity poses to the planet, the consequence of our addiction to carbon-based energy and our blind belief in limitless rises in production. Our attempts to impose order simply draws attention to the pervasive disorder. With each passing day our illusion of order is shattered.”