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Ushirikiano, Diemar/Noble Photography, London


6 - 29 October 2011

Ushirikiano, the photographs produced by Chris Jordan for the third Prix Pictet Commission is at Diemar/Noble Photography in London, 6 to 29 October 2011.

The Prix Pictet Commission, awarded by the Partners of Pictet & Cie, is an invitation to a photographer selected from the shortlist to undertake a field trip to a region where the Bank is supporting a sustainability project.

For the third Commission, Pictet supported the work of the Tusk Trust, specifically the Nakuprat-Gotu Conservancy, a new community-led initiative in Northern Kenya.

Shortlisted photographer Chris Jordan, who visited Northern Kenya in July said of the trip:

“The Prix Pictet Commission Prize took me on a thousand-mile behind-the-scenes photo-documentary safari in Kenya’s Northern Rangelands. There I encountered a confederation of NGO’s working closely with local indigenous tribes to create a sustainable way of life based on principles of environmental stewardship, wildlife conservation, and peace. Despite enormous adversity and dubious intrusions of first-world religious, commercial, and educational culture, this quiet mini-revolution—led by a council of tribal elders—is bringing peace and stability to a huge area of Kenya. I found the process heartening, especially considering that it is happening in a resource-poor part of the world that is being ravaged by the effects of global climate change. Throughout our two-week expedition across a stunningly wild landscape, I found myself constantly humbled by the grace, dignity, and spirit of the ancient tribal people I had the privilege of encountering there. I hope my photographs convey a small fragment of the complex and inspiring story of Ushirikiano that is emerging in this remote part of Africa.”

The horrors of elephant poaching lies at the heart of Jordan’s Ushirikiano* series, “The phenomenon of elephant poaching strikes me as profoundly symbolic. Hopefully these photos can serve as a visual reminder of the trail of destruction we leave, and the damage we do to our own spirits, when we forget our relationship with nature, and our connection with the higher purposes of our life and our own human dignity.”

* Ushirikiano
noun (Swahili): partnership, collaboration, or community of shared interest.