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Fifth Commission awarded to Colombian photographer Juan Fernando Herrán

Fifth Commission awarded to Colombian photographer Juan Fernando Herrán

Colombian photographer Juan Fernando Herrán has been selected by the partners of the Pictet Group for the fifth Prix Pictet Commission, with the theme of Consumption.

The Prix Pictet Commission will enable Herrán to produce a series of photographs that will examine material culture and consumption in indigenous communities in Colombia. As Herrán says, “I plan to address the relationship of mass produced consumer goods to our basic human needs.” Herrán will visit three indigenous communities in remote regions of Colombia – the Sierra Nevada mountains, the Amazonas and Guajira desert – where, as he says, “the economic value of objects is not fundamental”.  The photographs that Herrán makes for this project will be exhibited in London in 2015, and will be accompanied by a catalogue.

Herrán will be supported in the development of this project by Geneva-based charity, OneAction, who have a distinguished track record for the production of sustainability projects in Latin America. OneAction’s collaborative project with the Institute of Research, Education and Public Promotion of Ecuador (INEPE) is being supported by Pictet.

Announcing the Commission, Stephen Barber, Chairman of the Prix Pictet, said, “I am delighted that Juan Fernando Herrán has agreed to undertake the fifth Prix Pictet Commission. Juan Fernando has a deep connection with the place and its people and in our experience this is a strong basis for a successful Commission. I am sure that he will find the networks and experience of OneAction invaluable in the development of his project.”

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