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Ramón Jiménez Cuen

Freelance photographer

Born in Mexico City on October 1976, Ramón Jiménez Cuen has lived in the estate capital of Oaxaca since the age of four. His educational background is in Communication with a Masters in Media Arts, New School University (2010) and a PJ programme at the International Center Of Photography (2000). He has attended myriad of additional workshops and courses, thanks to his determination continuously to expand and improve on his professional skills and theoretical knowledge.

This ongoing commitment to training has led him to participate not only in workshops directly related to photography but also to take diploma courses in Organisational Communication and Cinema, and participate in workshops and conferences studying Literature, and examining the Global Impact of New Technologies in Multicultural Societies. Ramón’s good grasp of the English language has permitted him to study in his own country as well as in the United States where he has taken courses and participated in exhibitions at the International Center of Photography; Recolleta Museum, Argentina; Cambridge University, London and at the UN, New York. Recently Palacio de Iturbide, Centro Cultural Banamex, Graphic Art institute of Oaxaca and at Museum of Contemporary Art where he has been also Director.

As a freelance professional photographer, Ramón has produced work which has been widely exhibited, not only in Mexico but also outside the Republic. At the same time he has broadened his field of expertise to include music, video and multimedia. He is an active member of the Oaxacan art scene through contemporary art as well as in the music independent scene in which he has focused recently in his personal work.