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Michket Krifa

Artistic Director, Independent Curator and Art Consultant

Michket Krifa is an independent curator, author and consultant for visual arts in the Middle East and Africa. She lives and works in Paris and has, since 2009, been the artistic director of the 8th and 9th Bamako Encounters, African Biennale of Photography.

The following is a list of events Michket Krifa has curated: the first Iranian photography exhibition in Europe Regards Persans (Iran- Espace Electra 2001), Printemps Palestinien (80 events in 1998, AFAA), La saisontunisienne (Curator for photography-France 1995), Algeria, Fact and effects Paris 2003, Bamako 2005), Women by Women ( FFI Frankfort 2004), Femmes d’images, Fragments d’intimités ( women arab visual artists-CulturesFrance,2007- 2010), Femmes d’images- espaces privés ( Tunisian women visual artists- Musée de la ville de Tunis, 2008).

Monographs include Youssef Nabil (RIP Arles 2003), Zineb Sedira, Jananne Al Ani, Raed Saadeh (RIP,Arles 2002).

Michket Krifa collaborates with many institutions and has organised events around the Middle East and African photography in Europe and abroad. Michket Krifa has written many essays and articles on photography and has edited books and catalogues.


Michket Krifa