The global award in photography and sustainability

Fiorenza Pinna

Curator, 3/3 Tre terzi

Fiorenza Pinna graduated in Communication and Visual Arts. After having attended a course of Semiotics and Aesthetics in Denmark, she came back to Italy where she got a certificate in Graphic Design and Visual Communication in Bologna. Then she moved to Rome and began working freelance while studying photography and earning a Masters in Aesthetic and Museum Communication. As an editorial graphic designer for photography Pinna worked, among other projects, on the book design of El baño de Frida by Graciela Iturbide.

In January 2009 she founded – with Chiara Capodici – the non-profit organization 3/3 research lab on photographic image, with the main aim of working independently on photography projects and showing in Rome and the rest of Italy the most challenging proposals from abroad, whilst diffusing and promoting abroad Italian photography, especially related to young photographers, through hinged and context-related projects.

Up until now, 3/3 has curated and realized projects such as: Fabio Barile, Diary n°0, exhibition and photobook – in collaboration with Annalisa d’Angelo; collective exhibition Dimensione Massima 10×12 cm -in collaboration with Annalisa d’Angelo and Cameraoscura (both in the circuit of FotoGrafia – festival internazionale di Roma 2009), The Sochi Project in Roma, Marco Lachi, Cape Town – South Africa, exhibition and photobook in Bergamo, Rinko Kawauchi’s intensive workshop and public lecture on photobook construction running in May 2010.

Fiorenza Pinna