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Elias Redstone

Artistic Director, PHOTO 2020, Melbourne

Elias Redstone is the Artistic Director of PHOTO 2020, a major new photography festival for Melbourne and Regional Victoria, which will take place every two years from 2020.

PHOTO 2020 will be delivered in collaboration with 25 renowned cultural organisations, including Monash Gallery of Art and the National Gallery of Victoria. A diversity of satellite locations, from streets and laneways to the city’s Royal Botanic Gardens, aim to stretch engagement beyond the sometimes stiff walls of the art world and into the creative community more broadly. This aligns with the long term ambitions of the festival, ‘to bring photography to the streets of the city and invite audiences to consider the role photography plays in our lives and its power to change the way we see the world’.

Narrowing this far-reaching objective, each biennial will revolve loosely around a chosen theme, with the inaugural iteration centred on truth in the post-internet age.

Elias	Redstone