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Itala Schmelz

Independent Scholar and Curator

Itala Schmelz studied Philosophy (1988-1992) at the Philosophy and Literature department at the UNAM, where she received her BA with honors in 1996. Later on, as the assistant of Alfonso Morales, she carried out works such as filing the archive for the newspaper La Prensa (1995) and the research for the exhibition La Patria Portátil, cromos de calendario mexicano (1998-1999). She worked as the editor for the magazine Luna Cornea for the Centro de la Imagen (1997-2000). As a curator she has carried out exhibitions and texts about artists such as: Teresa Margolles, Damián Ortega, Silvia Gruner, Gabriel Orozco, Santiago Sierra, Daniela Rossell, Terence Gower, etc.

Since 2004, she is a member of Curare, espacio crítico para las artes. Her essays about contemporary art have been published in magazines such as: Curare, Flash Art, Art Nexus, Exit, Trans, etc. and in national newspaper such as Reforma and La Jornada. From 2001 to 2007, she was the director of the Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros (SAPS), where she designed a program for guest artists where over 50 artists from around the world participated. At the SAPS she also brought about exhibitions regarding the Siqueiros’ legacy, such as Matrices fotogénicas (2002), Siqueiros Abstracto (2001) and Siqueiros Sónico (2004), the latter implied the rescue of open reel recording with over 60 hours of the muralist’s voice. She was the director of EL future más acá (2003), the first Mexican sci-fi film festival, an event that has collaborated with festivals like the Cine Fantástcio de Bilbao (2005), the Festival de Biarritz (2004) and the Festival de Rio in Brazil (2006), as well as being exhibited in acclaimed movie theaters such as the Cinémathèque  française (2004) in Paris and at the Museo Reina Sofía (2005) in Madrid. In 2007, a book was published compiling a most authoritative historical and graphic research on the matter. Since May 2007, she is the director of the Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil.

Itala	Schmelz