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Farah Siddiqui

Director, Farah Siddiqui Contemporary Art

Farah Siddiqui is a specialist in contemporary art from Southeast Asia particularly India and Pakistan. With several years of experience as a gallerist and consultant in modern and contemporary art, Farah Siddiqui has been able to build relationships with artists, advisors, patrons, collectors, galleries and museum curators worldwide. She is also associated with European and Chinese Art consultants of repute.

Gifted with an intuitive aesthetic sense, Farah Siddiqui provides independent consultancy for private collectors as well as museums. Her consultancy company, Farah Siddiqui Contemporary Art (FSCA), has built up a reputation for its confidentiality, transparency and personalised attention towards its collectors. This is based on privileged access to the market and an unrivalled combination of commercial and academic expertise to meet the demand of quality and sound investment.

FSCA has curated several successful art exhibitions and has also raised sizeable funds for charity.

She writes art columns in several newspapers, travel and banking publications including Jet wings, Air India, 24k- Citibank magazine and BNP Paribas. She has conducted and participated in seminars and workshops on contemporary art at prestigious educational institutions and corporate houses. Farah Siddiqui is also an active member of Young Indians (YI) and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry Ladies Organisation (FICCI – FLO).

Farah Siddiqui