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Maria Sukkar

Patron of the Arts

Maria Sukkar was born in Beirut, Lebanon. She majored in Nutrition and Dietetics and had her private practice for a few years before she relocated to London. She is married to Malek Sukkar and they have three children.

Maria is part of the International Council at Tate and sits on their Middle Eastern Acquisitions Committee and their Photography Acquisitions Committee. In the UK, she supports theĀ  British Museum, the Showroom, the Chisenhale, the Camden Art Centre and the South London Gallery. Whilst in Lebanon, she is supportive of the HomeWorks space and of the Beirut Art Centre.

Maria is also an Executive Committee member of the Art and Patronage Middle East Summit 2012.

In addition to that, Maria is a trustee of the St Jude’s Cancer Center for Children in Beirut and of the GREAT Initiative in London and is an active member of the Chain of Hope, Al Fanar, Women for Women and The Art Room.

Maria Sukkar