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Podcast: A Lens on Sustainability


Can photography save us from ourselves? Leading photographers consider the power of the photograph to explore the urgent environmental and social issues facing humanity today. From the Prix Pictet, the leading global photography prize on sustainability.

Series Special Edition

Special Edition: Joana Choumali

Can photography heal trauma? In spring 2016, gunmen opened fire at a beach resort in Grand-Bassam, Cote d’Ivoire. Three weeks after the event, Joana Choumali visited a city in mourning, taking photos on an iPhone and then later embroidering them to create a hopeful resilient look at the process of healing. This Special Edition episode features for the first time the full interview with Prix Pictet 'Hope' winner Joana Choumali first partly released in 2020.

Special Edition: War and Photography with Lionel Barber and Funmi Iyanda

Conflict. Destruction. No matter how optimistic one is about human nature, the world is also full of war and wherever there is war, there is documentation of it: not least in the photograph, the frontline’s witness to the world. This episode features for the first time the full conversation between two giants of journalism on the topic of conflict, Lionel Barber, former Editor of the Financial Times, and Funmi Iyanda, acclaimed Nigerian journalist, presenter and filmmaker.

Special Edition: Nadav Kander

We have millions of images rushing at us every couple of weeks. But will it move us more? Will it change more? Offering a glimpse into the artistic mind of acclaimed photographer Nadav Kander, much of which apparently lays deep beyond the conscious, this Special Edition episode features for the first time our full length interview recorded in his London studio back in 2019.

Series 2

Fire – new theme of the ninth Prix Pictet

After the plague comes fire. Over the last years, we have seen an outbreak of catastrophic fires across the world. In its untamed form, fire wreaks terrible destruction, yet it has long been associated to renewal and rebirth. Listen to celebrated photographers Sebastião Salgado, Richard Mosse and Daniel Beltrá, and philosopher A.C. Grayling explore the newly announced theme for the 9th Prix Pictet. Don’t miss the accompanying e-book illustrating this episode:

Plant-Based World

How does the natural world influence the way we look at the broader question of sustainability? In this episode we explore our symbiotic relationship with the plant-based world through photography, industrial production, and of course, the mighty tree. Guests include photographers Janelle Lynch and Awoiska van der Molen, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Director of the Serpentine Galleries, and Joshua Chuang from the New York Public Library. Don’t miss the accompanying e-book illustrating this episode:

The City

Are cities sustainable? As many look beyond the city as they look beyond the pandemic, this episode takes a photographic look at cities and space, and the changing role everything from finance to culture is going to play in some of the most iconic cities in the world including Tokyo, Berlin, New York and London. Join photographer Robin Rhode, Dr. Lena Fritsch, Curator at the Ashmolean Museum, Joy Lo Dico, FT Columnist, Elizabeth Dillon, Head of the US Office for Pictet Asset Management and photographer Jez Coulson. Don’t miss the accompanying e-book illustrating this episode:


Can photography help process mortality? Throughout history, humans have been obsessed with eternal life. But death is inevitable, a natural part of life. Photography helps us process our own mortality and remember those who are gone. It reminds us of the natural cycles of life, which we must sustain for future generations. Listen to Prix Pictet ‘Hope’ winner Joana Choumali, Professor Iain Hutchison, Founder of the Facial Surgery Research Foundation, the BBC’s Kirsty Lang, and accompany Julia Hobsbawm and Esther Freud as they visit their father’s graves at Highgate Cemetery. Don’t miss the accompanying e-book illustrating this episode:


As the world faces upheaval in the uprooting of statues, culture wars and industrial globalisation, we ask, what is happening to tradition in art, media and urban communities? How does photography capture all of this? Guests include photographer Rena Effendi, authors Roman Krznaric and Ekow Eshun, and former Editor of the London Evening Standard and editor of the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4, Sarah Sands. Don’t miss the accompanying e-book illustrating this episode:


As we attach more and more value to independent success and less to the family, are we losing accountability for our actions to the planet? How has art and photography represented these tribes over history and what can we learn from them? Join photographer Alexia Webster, author and philanthropist Hannah Rothschild, Curator of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Luke Syson, and Pictet Wealth Management’s Dina de Angelo as they discuss the family as both a unit and a community. Don’t miss the accompanying e-book illustrating this episode:

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Series 1


Photography as Witness

What happens when we take a photo? Explore our "ocular era" with photographers Nadav Kander and Hannah Starkey, and curator Jeff Rosenheim of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.


Can a photograph capture the complexity of displacement? Writer and activist Elif Shafak and photographers Gideon Mendel and Jillian Edelstein discuss the role of photography in today's displacement crisis.


Can we ever be satisfied? Photographer Mandy Barker, sociologist Tiffany Jenkins and Catherine Flood, curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum, consider how photography feeds our appetites.


Can photography combat conflict? Photographer Ross McDonnell, journalist and producer Funmi Iyanda and editor Lionel Barber consider horror, banality and beauty.


Is there hope? Photographers Don McCullin and Valerie Belin, and Angie Hobbs, professor of the public understanding of philosophy, ask if photography can save us.