The global award in photography and sustainability


Judging Fire: Jeff Rosenheim

How do you judge fire? Recorded live in our exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London this past December, a few hours before American photographer Sally Mann was announced the winner of this edition, Jeff Rosenhiem, Prix Pictet Fire Jury Member and Curator of Photography at the MET, tells us about sorting through hundreds of nominated photographers, his view on Fire, its role in photography and relationship to sustainability.

The Prophecy: Fabrice Monteiro

Shorltisted for Prix Pictet Fire, Beninese photographer Fabrice Monteiro discusses how his colonial ancestry, insiprations as an artist, and past modeling carreer have shaped the complex works for 'The Prophecy' - a series of powerfully staged photographs that aim to contribute to an ecological awakening.

Venice Biennale: Ilit Azoulay

Today, we bring you an on-location interview directly from the opening week of the Venice Biennale, the world's oldest art exhibition, where Prix Pictet Disorder shortlsiter Ilit Azoulay represents Israel with a new body of work called ‘Queendom’. Ilit's work at the Israel Pavilion in this 59th edition of the Biennale, which was postponed by the pendemic, is as timely as it is powerful.