The global award in photography and sustainability

John Gossage


It’s all about the ordinary now, the little things at the edge of your consciousness, the “signs” all around you.

Everyone everywhere now has a small thing that has changed for them. The big things, those things that always happen to someone else, the other people, the ones on the news. The earthquakes, the floods, the fires, the disasters, are all still there in their grand scale. But it’s that the birds that used to come to your backyard are no longer there is what keeps you up at night.

What I have been photographing for my next book, are moments when the normal slips, and the disorder starts. Subtle things that whisper to you that things have started to change and in all likelihood not for the best. Nature looks slightly different, it’s a bit warmer, there is a fire at the edge of town, a few of the people much younger than you have a different look in their eyes — remember the dinosaurs?

Black and white pictures of the country I come from and at this point in my life, work to understand.

“The Times They Are A-Changin” when I was younger I thought that song was about something different.