The global award in photography and sustainability

Sammy Baloji

Sammy Baloji was born in 1978 in Democratic Republic of Congo, he lives and works in Lubumbashi.

He graduated in Humanities Studies from the University of Lubumbashi. Since the beginning of his studies, he was interested in film. Later on, he actively dedicated himself to photography and film.

In the past three years he has been analysing the architectural discipline conceived as ‘trace’, and has created works about the cultural, industrial and architectural heritage of his country, and particularly in the Katanga province.

Sammy has exhibited his works at several international exhibitions in Brussels; at Bamako Biennale; at Musee du Quai Branly in Paris; and at Cup Biennale (South Africa). In addition, he has exhibited his works in his hometown.

In 2007, he received two prizes from Bamako Biennale, namely Prix Afrique en Creation (Cultures France) and Prix pour l’image (Foundation Blachere).

In 2008, he joined PICHA! (meaning ‘image’ in Swahili), a series of meetings about the conception of images. This project allows local populations to understand their history through both old images and photos by emergent artists.

Sammy Baloji