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Brent Stirton
Burns Capital Of The World

MUZZAFARPUR, INDIA: Ragini Kumari, 10, was badly burnt by a Kerosene fire when she was 2 years old, she is one of over 6 million people burnt in India every year. Ragini has suffered constrictions of her neck and shoulders and lived in a permanently cramped and restricted position ever since. Her family is deeply impoverished and like millions of India’s poor she has been unable to secure the necessary surgery. Renowned plastic surgeon to the poor, Dr Subodh Singh, found Ragini at a burns camp he held in her area and has arranged for her to attend his clinic where he performs free surgery for the poorest of the poor of India. She is seen on her journey to his clinic in Varnasi, India.

Series: Burns Capital Of The World, 2013