The global award in photography and sustainability

Christian Als

I undertook the Kibera project because I wanted to document and visualize the word ‘urbanization’. I could have done it many places on earth, as this kind of human growth takes place in too many corners of the earth. On my way to another assignment I flew over Kibera, and it was a scene I’ll never forget – I went straight back to Nairobi and started planning. I started to visit Africa’s largest slum in 2007, and just kept coming back for the next three years. Actually I dream of going back, it is not a closed process to me. The slum grows by the day, and I have a feeling that I have to go back and see the latest changes. Every time I visit, I am amazed by the place. So absolutely sad in many ways, so full of problems and harsh living conditions, but at the same time overloaded with stunning beauty and courage in all its inhabitants. It might well be a shadow city, but light shines on the least expected places once in a while. Kibera is a place that stays with you.

Christian  Als