The global award in photography and sustainability

Janelle Lynch

Another Way of Looking at Love

Another Way of Looking at Love (2015–18) explores the interconnectedness of all life forms and supports a renewal of human relationships to each other, and to the natural and the spiritual worlds.

For some images, I create points of connection with elements from the same species – Japanese barberry or burdock, for example – while for others, I combine multiple species, such as goldenrod and pokeweed or burning bush and pine trees. Points of connection create spaces which represent areas where new realities can be envisioned. The depiction of unity, together with colour and light, show the beauty and magic of the natural world.

Another Way of Looking at Love follows the belief that in our organic and spiritual essence, we are inextricably linked to each other and to Mother Nature. We are hardwired for connection and our elemental sameness unites us and transcends our apparent differences. Our wellness and the wellbeing of the world depend on healthy connections to each other and to the earth.

The series was born of awe for the power of nature, and seeks to reimagine our connection to one another, to the planet and to the generative possibilities of the moment.