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Jacqueline Hassink
Maha Khaled Al-Ghunaim, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Global Investment House. SPECIAL COMMENTS: Mrs Al-Ghunaim’s father was the chairman of the Kuwaiti House of Parliament. Her mother speaks several languages and both parents encouraged their children to get a good education. Mrs Al-Ghunaim attended a boarding school in Switzerland and later received a B.Sc. in Mathematics from San Francisco State University. She then worked for 20 years in a large government-owned investment company. She founded Global Investment House in 1998. The company now has 210 employees and offices in Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan and the UAE. It specializes in private equity, real estate, international and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) asset management and brokerage services. The four founding members sitting on the Executive Committee have over 100 years of experience between them. During meetings she uses the round table in her office with four chairs, and for board meetings she uses the golden table which seats 18. She sits in the middle on the far side against the wall. At home the large dining table can seat up to 20 guests but six people use the table on a regular basis. At the headquarters and at home she is very involved in the interior decoration, preferring bright, bold colours and ethnic furnishings collected during her travels. She is a modern, cosmopolitan woman who has achieved an extraordinary position in a conservative country. She attributes her success to her avant-garde parents and most importantly to her husband of 23 years who is her soulmate and the father of her four children.. In March 2006, Mrs Al-Ghunaim was second on Forbes Arabia magazine’s list of ‘50 Most Powerful Businesswomen in the Arab World’.

Jacqueline Hassink, Maha Khaled Al-Ghunaim Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Global Investment House

Series: Arab Domains
22 May 2005
Kuwait City, Kuwait